How to use a Facial Masque

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How To Use a Facial Masque

Once reserved for seriously special occasions or evenings of pampering, masques are finally becoming an integral part of many people’s skincare routine. There’s no rule specifying that you need to be prepping your skin for an event in order to use a masque, so why not treat your skin to a bit of salon-inspired luxury on a more regular basis?

So at what point in your routine should you be applying your masque and how can you choose the best masque for your skin type? We’ve put together this quick guide to masqueing to answer your skincare questions.


What is a facial masque?

Facials masques or masques provide a concentrated skin treatment, with more potent ingredients than what you’ll find in your daily topical skincare. They’re formulated to only be worn on the skin for a short period of time before being rinsed off.

All facial masque are typically creamy in their consistency, as opposed to sheet masques. They’re designed to be almost painted onto the skin and left on the skin for around 15 minutes while they work their magic and target even the most specific of skincare concerns.


How to apply a masque

Using either a small brush or clean fingertips, apply your masque to clean skin (masques should be applied after cleansing and before applying any serums or moisturisers). Relax for 15 minutes while the masque dries then rinse off using warm water and a gentle cloth.

Gone are the days of saving masques for special occasions. Masques can be used morning or night, as part of your evening skincare routine or to prepare your skin as a canvas for makeup.

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