USEEMI Cica Care Intensive Calming Mask Sheet - Yes! You Beauty
USEEMI Cica Care Intensive Calming Mask Sheet - Yes! You Beauty

USEEMI Cica Care Intensive Calming Mask Sheet

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CiCa Care Intensive Calming Mask Sheet 25g Chamomile, tea tree essential oil soothes the skin, prevents inflammation and tightens pores. Designing a light mask and hugging the face close. This mask type of this brand meets OEKO-TEX Standard 100 class, safe to use on both non-irritating and environmentally friendly children's skin.

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Ingredients and uses:

  • CiCa Care Intensive Calming Mask Sheet 25g has the ability to soothe the skin, replenish moisture to maintain a soft and healthy skin.
  • Pennywort extract soothes the skin and replenishes skin moisture. This extract also helps smooth skin surface, soothes the skin due to external stimuli, care for weak skin to become healthy.
  • Chamoline is an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and bactericidal substance extracted from chamomile, has a soothing effect on the skin.
  • Tea tree highlights for acne skin with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, pore care.
  • Slim design, hugging to help fully absorb nutrients.
  • The light, characteristic scent of extracts, does not smell alcohol, creates a relaxing feeling like enjoying a spa treatment at home.

    How to use

    1. After performing skin cleansing steps, tear off a mask.
    2. Remove the mask and apply on the face so that it fits snugly from under the hair to the bottom.
    3. Use your hands to rub from the forehead, from the cheeks, the air to make sure the mask adheres to the skin, covers the nose, chin area, adjusts the mask to suit all the above places. The face can absorb the nutrients on the mask.
    4. Wait about 15 to 20 minutes, then remove the mask, and perform other skin care steps.

    * Taking into account skin turnover period of 4 weeks, it is most effective to use the product continuously three times a week for 4 week.


    • Softening
    • Soothing
    • Moisturising
    • Assist with extreme dry skin

    Country of Origin

    Skin Condition
    Dry skin types.


    1. If abnormal symptoms or adverse effects such as red spots, swelling or itching appear when the skin is exposed to direct sunlight while and after using the product, please consult a dermatologist
    2. Do not use any scars or any other irritated areas
    3. Cautions about storing and handling the product
      1. Keep the product out of the reach of children
      2. Store in a cool place away from sunlight
    4. Avoid the area close to the eyes
    5. Use with care if you are easily irritated by bandages or wet towels
    Use the product immediately after unpacking, before it dries. Do not reuse the product once used.

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